CAA Doll Artist Competition - Houston 2019

CAA Competition Categories

1. Babies/Toddlers
1A: Antique Reproduction
1B: Modern with glass eyes

2. French Dolls
2A: 10" and under
2B: Over 10"

3. German Dolls
3A: Painted Eyes
3B: Glass Eyes

4. Modern Dolls
4A: Glass Eyes
4B: Painted Eyes with Dimensional Painting - any method

5. Small Dolls
5A: All Bisque
5B: 8" or smaller with glass or painted eyes on leather, cloth or compo body

6. Fashion Dolls
6A: Antique Reproduction
6B: Modern

7. Specialty Dolls
7A: Mechanical
7B: China and Parian

8. Dolls in Boxes/Scenes
8A: Dolls in Scenes
8B: Dolls in Boxes

9. Miniatures

10. Reborn Dolls

11. Bears

12. Art Pieces
12A: Porcelain including but not limited to half dolls
12B: Other Materials

13. Cloth Dolls
14.  Ethnic Dolls
14A: Antique Reproduction
14B: Modern with glass or painted eyes
(Note: if enough entries will divide into two categories - glass and painted eye)
15. Costume _ A costume only will be critiqued, entry may be with or without a head. Must be on a mannequin or body.

16. Imagination - Completely up to the artist's interpretation and design.
17. Original Sculpture - OOAK dolls in a media other than porcelain or cloth
18.  Convention Theme - Modern or Antique Reproduction dolls may be used, any media (porcelain, cloth, clay, etc) should be the artist's interpretation of the Convention Theme on a base no larger than 20"x20".  All items must be securely attached.
19.  Restoration: Porcelain, composition or figurines (no plastic or vinyl).  Entry must include photos of work from start to finish.  Please be sure the doll artist is not in any photos submitted.

All dolls must be the work of the artist entering it.  (Purchased shoes, wigs and accessories are acceptable.)
It is recommended that dolls entered are recent work of the Artist so an accurate critique of the Artist's current abilities may be given.
Dolls that have won a rosette or top award in a competition may not be entered.
Dolls taller than 30" may not be entered.
Dolls must have the last name or initials of the artist and the 4 digit year incised on the head - no china painting of the name and year.
Any accessory must be securely attached.  Items that fall off will have point deductions.
All dolls must be on a stand suitable for the size and weight of the doll and securely attached to the stand.  Stand decorations are optional.
Antique Reproduction dolls should be submitted with a copy of the photo and/or information the artist used for painting reference.  Please submit a copy of your reference with no name or initials on it.  Every effort will be made to have reference material returned to the artist.

CAA Competition Categories


CAA Competition Application